Charter a Boat to these Popular South Florida Dive Spots

Charter a Boat to these Popular South Florida Dive Spots

Visitors from all over enjoy diving in the warm waters off Boca Raton. Chartering a boat is a great way to get out and explore the vast beauty of the ocean and the incredibly diverse life beneath its surface. 

When you rent our boat with Boca Raton’s Captain Paul aboard, you won’t have to worry about finding the best spot.  Captain Paul has 30 years of experience on the water, so he knows where the best spots are – whether you want to charter a boat in Boca Raton to go snorkeling offshore or take a deep dive on a wreck.   

Top Snorkel and Scuba Spots off Boca Raton 

Captain Paul has his favorite locations (he’ll tell you all about them if you rent the Boca Raton-based boat Ocean Time!). 

The folks at New Times also have a list of what they consider to be the Best Dive Spots in Broward and Palm Beach.

If you have a novice diver in your group, they say that the SS Copenhagen is a great wreck to explore. The 325-foot steamer went down in about 30 feet of water in 1900. More than 100 years later, its wreckage lies scattered in hundreds of pieces. “Here you’re guaranteed to see parrotfish, moray eels, many tropical reef fish, and a variety of corals, both hard and soft. While floating around, be sure to check out the beds of the ship’s former boilers, located in the middle of the wreckage. There are endless cracks and crevices here where eels and damselfish routinely make appearances,” New Times reports. 

More experienced divers may want to try one of these featured sites from the New Times list: 

  • Mercedes: “The scattered remnants of what used to be a behemoth of a ship, the Mercedes wreck lies about 70-plus feet underwater. She’s been battered and broken over the years to form an extended playground for goliath grouper, amberjacks, and other small critters that climb in and out of the coral wall on the tipped-over top deck.”
  • Hammerhead Reef: “If exploring crevices for lobster, swimming through tight coral passages with yellowtail schools, and getting surprise visits from sea turtles and southern rays is more your style, then Hammerhead Reef is your go-to dive spot. Big parrotfish and bright angelfish will buzz around your bubbles as you glide along the two-and-a-half-mile stretch of ledges at 60 to 90 feet below the wave break.”
  • Guy Harvey: This wreck is only a few miles away from the Hillsboro Inlet, where a boat charter from Boca Raton will access the ocean. “Before sinking, the ship was painted by the famous artist but today the freightliner is painted only by corals. You’ll descend onto her rocky top deck first around 110 feet below and be surprised by the amount of fish circling,” the folks at New Times say. “While the light penetration isn’t as heavy at her bottom of 140 feet, you will still enjoy flashes of yellow and black stripes, neon blue, and fiery orange as schools of fish dart around either side of you.”

Want to know more about snorkeling and diving opportunities available off the coast of Boca Raton with our boat rental, just contact-us.