Prime Time Boat Charters

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we go on the boat?

We can go wherever you like as long as it logistically makes sense during your 4 or 8 hour charter. Remember, this is your day and your trip and we want you to have an amazing time on the boat. Our Captain knows these water extremely well, tell him you thoughts and he will come up with several options to choose from. To see possible options go to Things to do.

What is the maximum number of guests I may bring with me?

The maximum capacity for a charter is 6 guests. Having no more than 6 guests, will allow everyone on board to be extremely comfortable and get the most enjoyment from their boating adventure.

Can we bring food and beverages on the boat?

Absolutely! You can bring food and beverages. We will supply ice and coolers as well as cold bottled water and soft drinks (Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite).

What happens if it rains or any other weather condition?

Since we live and boat here in sunny South Florida we are fortunate that if it does rain it is usually very isolated and typical only lasts a short while. Our captain tracks these rain clouds and he is usually able to deviate the boats course to avoid them. If we can’t avoid the rain, we have a very comfortable air-conditioned cabin were you and you guests can stay until the rain passes. In the case that the captain deems weather to be really bad or unsafe the day of your charter, we can reschedule your charter or issue you a credit. We all want you to have a good time!

If we are having a great time can we extend?

Yes you can and we would love to have you. Assuming that the boat is available and the captain is able to accommodate the extra time, it’s only $125 extra per hour.

Is the water rough and would I get sea sick?

We would suggest that on very windy days you don’t venture out into the open ocean. The great news is that one of the best parts of boating here in Boca, Deerfield, Pompano and Fort Lauderdale is the intercostal waterway which is protected waters and surrounded by buildings and therefore the water is calm during all types of weather. Most times the only waves you would feel is from a boat passing by. Becoming sea sick while slow cruising on the intercostal is highly unlikely.

What about music?

We encourage you to bring your digital music on iPod, iPhone, android, etc. Our boat has an auxiliary jack and cable to connect your music source to our boats upgraded sound system. Enjoy!

How do I show my appreciation to the Captain and Mate?

Tipping your captain and crew is customary in the boating industry and is greatly appreciated for a job well done. The quality of service should dictate the gratuity. As a guideline, we suggest an average of 15-20% of the total charter cost.

Can we bring our pet on board?

Prime Time Boat Charters is a pet friendly company. We do accept small pets on board.

Do you have barbeque on the boat

Yes we do! We have Magma Marine BBQ with propane gas with all the utensils. Let the grilling begin

Where do we board the boat?

Our typical pick up spot is Pioneer Park in the Deerfield Beach.

The address is:

Pioneer Park
217 NE 5th Ave,
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

There is metered parking. Payment for parking can be made with a credit card or coins but no paper money. Do not park in a boat trailer parking spot, you will get a ticket. Walk to the dock near the boat ramp and the boat we be waiting for you. Any questions about parking give us a call. Thanks and please do not be late.

Can we go fishing?

Yes fishing is an option. You must speak with the captain 5 days in advance of your charter so he is able to bring the rods, tackle bag, gaffs and bait. Keep in mind that we will be fishing 3 to 10 miles offshore so weather could be a factor.

How long is a Half day and Full day charter?

Our Half Day Charter is 4 hours and our Full Day charter is 8 hours. If you feel more adventurous ask us about multi day trips to the Bahamas or the Keys, which are amazing!

Does the boat have air conditioning?

Yes, our boats “Ocean Time was designed with your utmost comfort in mind. A powerful A/C is offered in all interior areas. For the outside area we also have a proprietary customized Mister System to keep you cool on those hot summer days.

How far is it to Bimini?

Bimini is the closest Bahamian island to the United States. Departing from
Hillsboro inlet, Bimini is only 54 nautical miles away. It usually takes about 3.5 hours to get there with good weather. It’s a great 3 or 4 day getaway. Call for more details.

What should I bring onboard?

Sunscreen (non-spray type) is very important as well as some type of hat. Polarized sunglasses are especially helpful in reducing glare from the water’s surface, towels, hat, camera and a smile.