Charter a Boat for an Evening at Cap’s

Charter a Boat for an Evening at Cap’s

If you’ve never been to Cap’s Place, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is the oldest restaurant in Broward County, you really should think about spending a fabulous evening cruising out of Boca Raton on a charter boat and heading south to the tiny island that is home to the legendary restaurant.

The only way to get to Cap’s Place, which was established way back in 1928, is by boat. They have a little ferry that runs from their private boat dock in Lighthouse Point, which is a little hard, but when you rent our Boca Raton-based charter boat with Captain Paul at the helm, you can sit back and enjoy the view on your way to dinner – and relax in starlit comfort your way back.

There are two great reasons to make the trip to Cap’s Place – the food and the history.

Cap’s Food

For more than 90 years Cap’s has been known for its fresh seafood. You can also enjoy a steak or chicken dish, but fresh-caught Florida seafood is the main attraction. You should also try the Hearts of Palm Salad, which has been a signature dish since the restaurant opened. The salad was originally made from the hearts of sabal palms growing in the Everglades. These days, the hearts of palm come in fresh from Okeechobee. Maryland-style Crab Cakes are another popular mainstay on the menu.

The History

When Captain Theodore “Cap” Knight first opened it in 1928, the restaurant was known as Club Unique. Through the 1930s and ‘40s it was a bustling supper club and casino. During Prohibition, Cap and his wife, Lola, were rumrunners. They brought whiskey in from the Bahamas, successfully dodging the Coast Guard for years. Prohibition didn’t end until 1933, so Cap’s Place was a speakeasy when it first opened. Gambling was also illegal. By the time Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill dined at Cap’s in 1942, everything was on the up and up.

There’s lots more history to explore – and lots of great food to enjoy – at Cap’s Place. Call us at

954-579-3322 to talk about a custom Boca boat charter that can take you there.